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When Should You Change Your Locks?

Residential door locks are not like other elements of house maintenance that require routine updating. For example, you will not have to change your locks each month, like you would with your HVAC system’s filter. You also will not have to regularly change them like you regularly change your light bulbs. 

Particular occasions should dictate the rate at which you should change the locks of your door. Here are several events that warrant lock changing. 

You Have Moved

Whenever you have taken residence of a new home, it is probably the number one reason to change the locks out. Though you obtain the keys to your new home at closing, there is no telling how many other extra keys are out there in the hands of unknown individuals. It is a lot better to be safe than sorry for this reason.

You Lose Your Keys

It is vital to change your locks as fast as you can, whether you had your keys stolen or you lost them. This is because you’ve simply got no idea where your keys will end up. For instance, your keys are returned to you by a person you do not know. You still have to change the locks to your home since you simply never know if that person went off and created duplicates of your house key.

Home Break-in

If you have been a victim of a home break-in, it is another reason you must change the locks. But, in cases such as this, you really should not be concerned about extra copies of your key falling into the hands of a bad individual. You should be more worried about possible damage to your old locks and the lapse in house security that just happened. Because of that, a phone call to your local professional locksmith should be one of the first calls you make if you have been the victim of a break-in. This call should be done only after a phone call to the local police department and your insurance agent.

Lock Damage

To stay effective, locks require a bit of maintenance, just like anything else inside your house. And though we greatly recommend making lock maintenance a part of your habit, it is also worth stating that locks will become damaged or fail eventually to the point where they are a liability to house security. You have to ensure to get them immediately replaced if that becomes the case. It will be sad if you become a victim of a house break-in just because your door locks weren’t an efficient line of defense.

Other Occasions

There are other different cases that might warrant lock replacement. For example, whenever you are living with roommates, you have to ensure to regularly change the locks after old roommates leave and new roommates move in. This principle can also be applied if you lend your keys out regularly to contractors or repairmen for upgrades to your house while you are at your office.

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