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What Services Does a Commercial Locksmith Offer?

In general, commercial spaces need security systems that are a different standard to automotive or residential services. Commercial locksmith services are done by locksmiths that are highly trained professionals. Commercial locksmiths should also have the right tools and knowledge required to perform these kinds of tasks. They should be skilled at the particular type of locks used in corporations and establishments. 

But, what services does a commercial locksmith offer? Here are some of them.

Rekeying and Master Keying

Rekeying is a very popular practice of rekeying the cylinders of a lock. The reason for this is to prevent the original keys from working on it. To match the reconfigured lock, the locksmith will create a new key. This is an affordable technique that gets rid of the need to buy new locks.

Master Keying is a service that will get rid of the need to carry a lot of keys for a single building. A single master key can be made to allow access to every single lock in your property.

Cylindrical or Mortise Locks

Mortise or cylindrical locks are the typical locks installed on doors across the globe. They provide different levels of security. Expert technicians are able to offer high-quality locks of both types. 

Cylindrical locks are more popular in newer establishments. They have a simple system that involves two drilled holes on the door for the latch and lockset. However, cylindrical locks don’t come with a deadbolt. 

On the other hand, mortise locks come with a deadbolt. Typically, they’re made from brass. Since their parts have to be drilled and carved individually onto the door, Mortise locks can be hard to install. But, they offer an excellent security option due to the deadbolt’s presence. 

Access Control and Door Services

If you own an establishment, you know how important it is to know who has access to what part of your property. You also know how important to have strict controls over it. In monitoring and detailing these features, access control systems can greatly help you. It enables better security and offering details such as security logs and other information. 

Door services by professional technicians guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution to door related issues. Replacement, repair, and installation of handicapped exits, emergency exits, hinges, door frames, and door closers are also possible. These can be for glass, metal, or wooden doors.

High-Security Locks

High-security locks are very expensive and time-consuming to break. They also act as a tough restrictive measure against break-ins. Usually, high-security locks are required by businesses which need top security. Also, it’s highly recommended to go through verified, insured, licensed, and trained locksmiths for this.

Safe Services

Businesses that need on-site safes to secure their documents, cash, and similar important stuff are also needed to undertake their routine servicing. Safes have parts that move. These parts require maintenance, else the safe can malfunction. Also, safe owners must regularly change the combinations of their safe. 

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