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Fire Escape, Window Gates NYC Service

Safety on and around your property should always be the number one concern and priority. There are many devices and items that you can buy to make your property safer and secure, but some are more popular than others. One safety and security item for your property that you have most likely heard little about is fire escape window gates NYC. A fire escape is designed to make your property safer in the event of a fire, but you want to be sure that this escape is not a fall hazard in the meantime. This means that you should take advantage of the window gate NYC and fire escape gate services that are offered by a professional. These services are designed to meet your needs and give you just what you are looking for.

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Window Gates Types

Fixed, or non-removable, home security window gate NYC are permanently bolted through the window frames into the structural framing. These bars are designed for constant, lasting use, in which the homeowner doesn’t mind having the bars being a permanent feature on the windows and an emergency escape isn’t a problem. One can choose from a wide selection of sizes and styles, from standard options to decorative and attractive styles.

Hinged, or swing, home security fire escape window gates NYC are designed to swing open for cleaning, repair, or for emergency purposes. They’re secured via a padlock latch system or perhaps a quick release feature, which works great for secondary escapes.

Removable window gates were created so that they could be completely taken off the windows. They may be typically employed for infrequent or temporary applications including store fronts and cottage windows. These sort of bars can be quite handy in securing your own home or store whenever you’re away.

What Is The NYC Law About Fire Escapes, Windows & Gates?

Obstructing fire escape window gates NYC is against the law; they must be kept absolutely clear. No radio or TV wires or antennas, plants, storage containers, or anything else may be kept on fire escapes.

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For security, residents are allowed to install window gate NYC on windows that lead to a fire escape. However, only gates approved by the Fire Department are permitted on these windows. No padlocks may be used. Some gates have self-releasing locks that are approved. 

If you leave in an apartment and want to protect your window against burglaries, NYC law inquires you to install only A fire proof window gate on windows which leads to fire escape stairs, those window gates are being installed from inside, and they open inward, the locking mechanism doesn’t have a key, since in case of emergency such as fire in the building you don’t need to look for the key, the gate is strongly protected, and there is no way to open it from outside.

Our window gate NYC services

The best part of the window and NYC fire escape window gate services that are offered by us at Riverdale Locksmith is that they are designed to cover all of your needs. This means that we not only supply, but can also install these gates. You can choose the type of gate that works best for you and you can be sure that it can be installed on your property in no time at all. Your fire escape gate NYC should not be left without a gate and now you have a simple solution that is designed to be the most convenient service for you.

You need a gate that is designed to fit perfectly when you are looking for the right type of gate for your fire escape. To make this possible, we will come to your property and take measurements of your fire escape to make sure that you get access to a gate that is the exact measurement that you require.

Licensed and Bonded Technicians

We at Riverdale Locksmith are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Unlike many fake online locksmiths, we have a real store which our customers can come in and get service from our highly professional and experienced technicians. Unfortunately, locksmith scammers have grown to become a serious problem in our area and in many other areas across the country. Most of these companies doesn’t exist at all and are just some guys in a truck moving from town to town. These unlicensed and unqualified scammers are taking advantage of lock and keys emergencies to rip off customers like you.

So, if you’re looking for a licensed and bonded company for your NYC fire escape window gate needs, Riverdale Locksmith is the company to call.

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Experienced and Reliable Locksmiths

When you choose us for your fire escape gate NYC needs, you can rest assure that you are working with a real, legitimate and legal locksmith company. The reason for this is that every single one of our technician is experienced and reliable.


One of the easiest ways to know if an apartment needs to have window guards is if you’ve got a kid 10-years or younger living with you. According to the NYC law, it is required for a landlord to install window guards if there’s a kid younger than 10 years living inside.

To make things simple, every landlord is required to install window guards in public areas. This includes hallways and much more. This is particularly true if the property has a kid residing.

If a landlord owns a rent-controlled or rent-stabilized property, he or she might collect a surcharge. However, you’ve got to keep in mind that if there are existing window guards in the property, tenants aren’t required to pay anything. They will only have to pay if the landlord is planning to replace the old window guards.

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