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Modern Locks Types

The number of choices can definitely be overwhelming whenever you’re looking at buying locks for your business or house. Before buying, there are a lot of various kinds of locks and several various security elements to consider. Today, we are going to explain the various modern types of locks. 

While there are a lot of kinds of locks, the four most well-known are levers, knob locks, deadbolts, and padlocks.

Key in Knob (KIK) Cylinders

In general, a KIK cylinder is found at the core of almost every lover, knob, and cheap deadbolt. Also, they’re common in a variety of sliding glass doors and OEM applications. In general, a KIK cylinder is hidden inside of the lock. The only visible part is the circular face of the lock. You’ll often find a KIK cylinder held in place with a screw when you take the lock apart, such as a deadbolt. Unluckily, though KIK cylinders all basically look the same, there are no standard specifics to their design. 

Rim Latch Locks

A rim latch lock has a surface mount latch lock on one side and a custom or standard rim cylinder on the other. This type of lock can lock automatically the door behind you. Rim Latch Locks are common in several apartment complexes. In general, these locks are not intended to take a huge amount of force. However, when utilized on an external door, it can be paired with other locks.

Jimmy-Proof Deadbolts

These locks are a surface mount product. They are often found on double doors and apartments. Oftentimes, they’re preferred because of the minimal required door adjustments. Also, they’re special since the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket. This prevents the lock from simply being easily forced or pulled apart from the outside. To enhance your security, you can basically replace just the rim cylinder if you’ve got an existing jimmy-proof deadbolt. 

Vending/T-Handle Locks

While they’re often utilized in other applications, vending/T-Handle Locks are mainly found in T-Handle locks and vending machines. T-handle locks are often very simple to replace since you’re actually pulling out the t-handle lock whenever you open the device. All that’s required to complete the upgrade is to place a new T-handle lock back in when closing the device. In general, T-handle locks come in two types. First is the deadlatch that needs a key to re-lock the device. Second is the spring latch that enables the device to be re-locked without requiring a key.

Furniture Locks

This type of lock generally covers various locks. This includes sliding door locks, desk locks, and cabinet locks. Push button and bolt style are the two main styles of furniture locks. Push button style locks include a rod that comes out the lock’s back. This rod is utilized to secure things in place. Bolt style locks have a piece of flat metal to secure the device. The metal extends out the side of the lock. Furniture locks can often be installed onto existing hardware.

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